Friday, 13 October 2017

Band Watching

Right Kate and random, generic internet-surfer I'm going to call Steven, it's time to talk about bands. More specifically bands that I wouldn't have heard of if I wasn't in a band (probably). A small compilation of the more noticeable bands I've seen through gigging or alternatively, when scouring through music groups to promote our band online. Basically, they keep these activities interesting (as well as the people who come to shows, playing live, beer and John's beard etc.) by exposing me to brand new, exciting music that I wouldn't have heard of otherwise. So here is a few new underrated bands that have stood out for me:

Vertical Noise

These guys from Nottingham were at our first gig playing right after us, causing me to madly rush the load in afterwards (forgetting to pack up my stands) so I could run back inside and catch their show. My first impression of this band came weeks before the gig and it could be described in one word: Noisy. Certainly, the name suits them, but it was a catchy kind of noisy that I could both bob my head or smash a dining set to. Their music gave me options.. and I liked that. If I could recommend one song to listen to it would be “Lieutenant Colonel Mother Teresa”, named after a relative I'm assuming. I believe this is their first single (don't quote me on that either of you) and it's lengthy, dynamically varied intro wins me over from the start – well worth a listen:

Now Steven, as a generic internet user I'm surprised you've made it this far: but if you scurried on past that link without pressing it to rush through this “blog” post without checking out the music I'm carefully selecting for you, then what's the point? You may as well listen as you read since you're so committed to reading this now, even as I talk about literally nothing for a few sentences..

Brain Circus

I met these guys from Sheffield as the opening band in our second gig, and upon hearing their name I thought it would be some sort of psychedelic madness that I would struggle to wrap my head around. Yet, as they played I discovered that they were a catchy pop punk band. At least, I think it was pop punk... it definitely reminded me of pop punk music. Looking at their facebook page, the only live video I can find is a cover of Led Zeppelin's Moby Dick: so they definitely have a good taste in music.. and a great drummer. The drummer's talent really stood out while I watched them, and with solid singing and some great riffs on the guitar, I will want to check out their songs when they finish recording. Check out their facebook page here:


When the gig organizer tells you that you'll be playing with one of the best bands that he's ever booked, it's tempting to feel down that you're not that band. However, when you've already checked out said band and are excited to hear their music, you realize that it's a forgiveable offence.. this one time. When that band then can't attend the show, it's easy to feel down again.. but then you get to play a show.. and so on so forth. FES are from the far off land of Peterborough and have been around just over a year at this point. I may have missed seeing them live, but I can assure you both that their recordings are well worth checking out. I would definitely classify them as pop rock, if forced to do such a thing.. but if you're adamantly a dubstep/rave man Steven, then even you may enjoy this if you consider opening your god-damn mind. Their music feels very easy to get into no matter which genre you feel you are tied to, and can be super uplifting to listen to. Here's their first single: and check out their EP on bandcamp : .

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Police, Thieves and Merchants - Chapter 2 Catching Wild Men

Well Kate and the dude randomly surfing the internet who I shall call Steven, here is the highly anticipated second chapter of Police, Thieves and Merchants:

Chapter 2 Catching Wild Men

Run.. run.. run.. run.. hedge... duck... crawl... up and run... run...”
Stop yelling what you're doing and just go!”
The wild men had retrieved the valuable cargo and were heading as far away from the path as they could go, crashing through the undergrowth and smashing past trees in a direct beeline north.
Guys I can't peg it any longer... ” Four of the thieves had stopped in a clearing and were catching their breath.
I wouldn't worry, I don't think they even noticed.”
The speaker straightened up, clad in black and tall enough to be fairly imposing, should the need arise. His hair was scrappy at best and he had a single false tooth of magenta in colour.
So much wine!” one of the thieves exclaimed excitedly, “I wonder what I will do with this...”
Stop stroking the wine Laurel..”
It's my wine! I'm sophisticated! I like wine.”
Still there's no need to...”
Guys sit down.” Magenta Tooth stated.
They all quickly collapsed onto the floor, littered about the clearing among the wild, overgrown plants and fallen timber. There was a short pause as the thieves enjoyed the opportunity to catch their breath before one of them called out to Magenta tooth.
What if they're coming after us Crole?”
They're not.. ” Crole responded, still drawing breath heavily. “Probably... just … let's take a break.”
We have a lot of wine, how much is it worth?”
According to the informant, valuable, more than gold and most exotic devices.”
They love it here and in any of the nearest cities, plus there's none available for thousands of miles.”
Not any cities for a while around though.”
That's what the informant says..”
And the nearest city is to the north?”
Again, as the informant states..”
With minimal law enforcement in the area to stop us...”
Correct, due to the sparse population of the area and the fact that it isn't really claimed in the name of any city.”

Back at the carts the merchants were confronted by two professional looking women, with badges.
One of them gave a long, tired sigh.
Why don't you finish your story?”
Of course madam we'll get right to it, but first we need to finish our argument..” one of the motley collection of purple garbed men replied.
I mean, we've got it down to bustle or kerfuffle right?”
No bustle or hustle! There was no kerfuffling..”
Right, of course..”
It can sometimes be an amusing thing to watch an argument uncontrollably unfold in front of you Kendra pondered, if only this was one of those times.
Just move on from that word, whatever it is and continue on with your story...”
It took two hours for an agreement to be reached, during which Kendra noticed her partner, Sandra, spent much of it gawking; displaying a minute reminiscence of her awareness of the situation.
Ok, so we heard a hustle, as in when someone says 'let's hustle'”
Yes I've heard the term,” Kendra drawled in an unimpressed tone.
Then when we checked the back of the carts,” continued the merchant.
There was nothing, just a couple of bottles left over.”
I don't even know why they stole them all,” chimed in the merchant referred to as Briax.
Even a small amount of effort wasn't worth such a seemingly insignificant prize, unless..”

Sandra nodded listening intently, until of course she wasn't. Her mind was quickly calculating how much the thieves would make on even the Blackest of Markets. Two seconds into that she was wondering what it was like to be a trader on such a market and what she could sell. Two minutes later her mind zipped back into focus a solid retirement plan involving cannons, Frisbees and the world's undying need for a new extreme sport involving pets, under-way in the back of her mind. She listened just in time to nod to Kendra's “Let's go!” and move off in search of the wild men.