Saturday, 23 June 2018

It's All About the People

So Kate and random internet surfer called Steve, one of the many things I've learned from our dozen or so string of shows, is that the main thing that makes a show unique are the people you meet. Now I'm not like Tom, I'm not as obsessed with the stage. For him seeing a stage with tea-lights around it will instantly make the show, it's all he'll talk about for months. He's also more interested in the demographics of people: the amount of male/females who come to a show; how many of different ages; how many of different heights etc than meeting them. He's weird. For me meeting a stage hand who treats his job like a military operation will be what sticks with me. Seriously though, the stage hands at Corporation are amazing and hilarious, who knew that loading up a stage could be so fun?

Now, nobody really knows what goes through Rob's head. The man is an enigma. Some say he is actually a swarm of bees in human disguise. Whether that is true or not, he definitely seems to enjoy the technical side of gigs and working with the sound engineer. I feel like he could go for a cup of coffee with a sound engineer at each show, spending the entire time talking about what a singe knob on those mysterious dashboards does. I'm a drummer so I don't really relate to this. They flick some switches and the sound becomes better? Whatever, just give me something to whack. Some dials and buttons ain't gonna make the show for me, but when the announcer decides to swear at anyone who isn't bothering to get up and watch the music, i'll remember that.

John has a beard and likes to sing quite a lot at shows. He also likes to talk to the crowd in between songs, for some reason. I guess the people who come to watch us play must make the show for him then. However, the people who compliment his beard are the ones that will really make the gig for him. It's quite a useful rule to know that if you want something from him, just let him know his beard is looking particularly lush today, almost professorly, like a lumberjack. Then ask and you shall receive. I don't have a beard so I can't relate to this, but learning about the tastiness of Poutine from a favourite bassist of mine- that's important. What was the point of this post I hear you ask? There was literally none. But if you want to meet some interesting people then come to a show and talk to someone who looks weird I guess.