Sunday, 26 May 2019

Why I love hitting things with sticks?

It seems to me that drums is the obvious choice when deciding on which instrument to pick up. Why? I mean, they are noisy, which can instantly alienate me from every neighbour I'm ever going to meet. Plus, they're bulky and take up my entire bedroom, as well as plenty of space elsewhere in my house... and they can cost a bit too.

In spite of all this though drums will always be my favourite instrument to play, as they are the funnest instrument out of the lot. Well the funnest that I've tried, but I can hazard a guess that there wouldn't be any other instruments that I prefer, were I to try every single one out there (even a banjo). However, it's difficult for me to say why I know this, what makes drums so fun.

It may be because deep down I'm a psychopath that just wants to hit something and the drums bear the brunt of my rage, relieving stress in the process. There isn't really another instrument that you get to hit in the same manner as the drums, of all the percussion instruments the drums can definitely be played with the most energy.

It's doubtful that this is the main reason why the drums are so fun though. I could just put a punching bag up and get rid of stress while whaling on that instead, it would probably be more effective. No, I think its to do with the rhythm and finding the beat which makes drums fun. Why does playing in time to a beat feel so good? No idea. Some people would probably say it's to do with an animalistic or spiritual or evolutionary need that drives the brain to release dopamine when finding a rhythm. I don't think it really matters. All we know is that playing a beat is a great way to spend your time, so I shall continue to do so.