Sunday, 29 July 2018

Tom's Top 10 Stages

Mr bassist has always kept a keen eye out looking for his next favourite stage. His enthusiasm and detail-oriented approach has made him somewhat of an expert on what makes a top stage to play on or spectate a band. Here is his top 10 list for best stages in the world:

10th "There is a house in New Orleans, they call the rising sun and it's been the ruins of many a poor boy and god I know I'm one."
A popular song lyric but the house also contains a popular stage for Tom.

9th "Eckington Civic Centre around 8/9/10 years ago."
Here Tom appears to be thinking of the first stag he played on live... many bands ago.

8th "Within the Deep French Southern Forest there is a Tavern tucked away
behind Le Sutassia (mountain) and it's called the H3D."
It's not surprising a tavern made this list as Tom does love a good tavern, always drinking his ale and mead there before slaying a dragon.

7th "The Royal Beech Tree in Somalia."
I'm not sure if Tom is referring to the name of a music venue or an actual tree here.. either way it has a stage and it's the 7th best in the world.

6th "The Northernmost Icelandic village, whose name currently escapes me,
has a lovely cafe with a stage in back called Ace, it is literally ACE!"
From google maps I suspect he's referring to Raufarhofn, in the north east of the country.

5th "Antarctican Second Stage."
A surprising choice for 5th spot, more so because it's surprising that Antarctica has not one but two stages. Why the second stage is better than the first sadly remains a mystery.

4th "West Street Live."
The one, the only West Street Live has been a strong and stable stage for the band, thoroughly deserving of fourth place.

3rd "That One in Texas I can't remember the name of."
The name may allude him but the allure of the beauty and sturdiness of the stage remains.

2nd "The Rio de Janeiro Grand Palladium."
At the top of many people's lists I'm sure, couldn't quite make it to the top of Tom's list though.

1st "The Washington."
The majesty, the tea-lights, the sheer wonder it uses to dominate the room on any night: the Washington's stage of wonders was always going to remain top of this list.