Saturday, 26 October 2019

Venue Hit List

Here are a few venues on my personal hit list for this band to play:

Antarctica- Metallica have paved the way into the snowy mass at the bottom of the world and I feel it’s only right that we join them as a fellow Antarctic playing band. Definitely looking forward to a positive response from the penguins down there.

CWM- the Welsh village bearing the same iconic, brilliant name is always going to be an aim for us to play. Such a powerful, pretty place, one day we will make the journey to see you.

A Boat- I think that would be pretty cool. It doesn’t have to be a big boat either, I feel it would be even more impressive if we each played in a little dinghy, really test John and Rob's balance.

A Bowling Alley- copying the White Stripes this time, but it would certainly be quite nice to have a game while playing a show.

A Beach- this shouldn’t be insanely difficult or weird as beach shows happen semi regularly. I just feel breathing in that sea breeze while drumming would make for a pleasurable experience.

Outer Mongolia- like Antarctica this would be quite a secluded gig, but that’s quite appealing really. There would just be us playing to the empty plains, completely peaceful and I’m sure the various wildlife would be thrilled to hear us play.

The Colosseum- as an Ancient History playing in some sort of ancient ruin would be epic and what could be better than this particular ruin? Ample, multi-teared seating with no roof open to the elements and excellent acoustics. It may be slightly tricky to do but would definitely be worth having a pop at.

The Melting Ice in Greenland- I feel like most of us keep ignoring the poor melting ice, so it may be nice to play it one or two sad songs. To let it know that we are here for it during it’s difficult time.

For some Elephants- a crowd of elephants would be a wonderful thing us. As one of the most intelligent animals in the world that can also appreciate music, it would certainly be useful to get some feedback and see if we truly are an inter-species reaching band.

In my Bedroom- for a day when I just can’t be arsed with the commute to a gig.